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AM4C November 21, 2018

  AMC 24 Southlake An Awareness Event


Chivonne Noel- Co Founder


AMC has opened it's doors to The Power Panel  & we extend  the same courtesy to you. Please  witness what's happening in our own backyards. Atlanta, GA is ranked #1 in the country.  It has been coined "the HUB" and rightly so.  It's the gateway to the southern seaports. Easily accessible to Savannah, GA and Miami, FL. Tractor trailers and other transportation sources can move human cargo undetected ,  which can  disappear to another country within  days.  Never to be seen again.  



10am - 130pm

Landmark Midtwn

Event Details



A Human trafficking awareness brunch, movie, discussion and thought provoking, inspiring event. You will be moved! Join us during National H...

Event Details

10am - 130pm

Landmark Midtwn

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On March 27, 2019, Pink Boots on the Ground will be receiving a Senate Resolution thanks to Senator Donzella James,District 35

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We are a nonprofit, advocacy organization that champions human trafficking. Our movie premiere is just our way of reaching the community with information that is uncomfortable and not easily digested. But very necessary.

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Highlighting Human Trafficking Awareness Month

AM4C Landmark Midtown -Human Trafficking Awareness Day


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions in Atlanta. Donate $1.00 or more to assist us and commit to this cause.

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TOWN HALL FORUM to discuss trafficking in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.


January 11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day

How bad is it? How close to home is it really? What can we do as a community to fight back?  What does trafficking look like?

A $350B industry, operating under the radar, with the facts that no one wants to talk about or expose it... it is almoat impossible to combat.

Pink Bootz is a decentralized workforce connected to an Artificial Intelligent application  changing the way human trafficking / sexual assault victims connect to safety and rescue. Our nonprofit began its grassroots movement in the belly of the beast-the highest trafficked areas in Atlanta, Enforcing H.B. 141 and disseminating information. We noticed one thing, each girl/woman/person had a cell phone. It became our goal to make those phones the vehicle to bring them home. Taking the power out of the hands of the wealthy and putting it back into the hands of those that are suffering the horrors of trafficking, we may have a chance to mitigate this very real evil. Putting a recognizable brand in all airports, bus stops truck stops and ride shares, and public places will make the possibility that each of our children makes it home. 

Come hear our message and approach to this pandemic. Support our efforts. Make a difference. Get involved like New Hope!

New Hope Ministries & Pink Bootz

Our nonprofit began a grassroots movement in the belly of the beast- FULTON INDUSTRIAL BLVD. That's where we noticed one common factor, each girl had a cell phone. We have spent the past year trying to spread awareness, make an impact and save lives. In a community dubbed the, "Human Trafficking Hub". With the largest and busiest airport, the gateway to the southern seaports, and a very active and seedy commercial sex industry, people are still uncomfortable addressing the obvious- Atlanta has a serious trafficking problem. We continue to put "Pink Bootz" on the ground. Focused on our purpose and remembering that we are survivors. We are all supposed to be dead or institutionalized. What didn't kill us made us "Chainbreakers".

It has become increasingly more frustrating as we have been unable to raise money, obtain funding for our innovative life saving AI application or the simple operating funds needed to be effective. We have bootstrapped our way through much. Reaching  our target demographic-the street walkers, prostitutes, runaways, and those seeking help, is our primary goal. 

The Human Trafficking hotline has been doing an incredible job. Saving countless lives, receiving millions of dollars in funding. However, it doesn't operate in real time. Artificial Intelligent technology will completely transform the steps taken and at a speed unlike never before. Thus, leveling the playing field. By taking the power out of the hands of the wealthy, privileged & seemingly untouchable buyers and placing it in the hands of every day people and those suffering or caught in the injustice. That is what our application will do- Pink Bootz. Our chance to mitigate trafficking will increase tremendously. Our goal is to put a safe, recognizable brand in all airports, bus stops, truck stops and ride shares, and commercial sex outlets. This branded recognizable safety visual entity will make the possibility of each of  our children making it home a reality. We will be introducing the concept and asking for investors.